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Here is an interesting activity to do in a multicultural classroom to build awareness of social and group identities.


  1. Write on the board this American proverb: “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Ask the students to discuss what they think this means in pairs or small groups. Have a brief class share of ideas and provide the answer if you need to–lead to group identity. 
  2. Use yourself as an example to model brainstorming group affiliations (this is from a cultural stand point, so this brainstorm should be an example of the teacher’s culture groups). List on the board some of your group affiliations (family, friends, colleagues, etc.). Ask students to suggest other groups and categories (continuing in the vein of the teacher’s culture, but adding some general groups as well). Write all of them on the board.
  3. Ask students to write down…

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