North Norfolk Coast…..…land of the ‘Flintstones’


Norfolk 3 _744Buildings and Flint Norfolk

The iconic image most visitors take away with them from this part of Norfolk is usually one of Windmills, each standing proud above either the coastal saltmarshes or the inland Fens.  But equally iconic is the view of the local Church nearly always standing on higher ground above the water levels just like this one, with its round flint tower at Burnham Overy…..

3.7.2013  04721Buildings and Flint Norfolk

The fact is that churches are a very dominant element of the Norfolk landscape and have been for many centuries.  Historically the region was made up of wealthy farming communities, each vying with its neighbour to show who was the most successful…..a BIG church was very much a status symbol.  Every village had a church of grandeur many rivalling the beauty of some cathedrals. 

This one is Saint Margaret’s just outside Cley on the Marsh……

Norfolk 5_855Buildings and Flint Norfolk

Much modified, extended; and designed each time to look bigger, grander. Part…

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