Is Sheffield A Student Friendly Place To Live?


By Conor Jenner


It is known as the steel city, cold, dark and dreary at the best of times; but it’s not all bad.

Boasting two massive football clubs, Meadowhall and enough pubs to blow your student loan in, Sheffield really is a top quality haven for us students.

And although I have come accustomed to the accent, it does take a while to get used to as many words are dropped or abbreviated, for example the wonders of the phrase ‘tut’ still mystifies me and what the bloody hell is a bread cake? But even with the strange vocabulary, that inevitably takes over your own native tongue; the people up here are alright. I suppose.

It was 2011 and as I filled in my UCAS application for university I found myself weighing up my options, should I stay close to home? Or shall I take a leap and…

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