How to use Adjectives in English ?

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What are adjectives?

Adjectives are words that modify nouns such as people, places or things. Consider the following example:

  • ‘She has a dress.’ ‘Dress’ is a noun. Here, we only know that the girl possesses a dress and nothing more.
  • ‘She has a pretty doll.’ ‘Doll’ is a noun and ‘pretty’ is an adjective. The adjective modifies the noun. It tells ‘what kind of’ doll is.

Adjectives often answer questions like ‘what kind of’, ‘which’ or ‘how many’. For example:

  • ‘The fat man is driving a red car.’ ‘Fat’ tells us which man is driving the red car. ‘Red’ tells us the kind of car that the man is driving.
  • ‘He has twenty candies.’ ‘Twenty’ tells us ‘how many’ candies the boy has.

Adjectives are always put before nouns and pronouns.

Common mistakes while using adjectives

There are adjectives which end with –ed and they are used after…

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