Efficient engineering leads to greener engineering!


The latest engineering design technology is making companies’ engineering processes more efficient in a number of ways. Ken Christie, director of EPLAN UK, explains how Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software is contributing to an increasingly energy-efficient engineering industry worldwide.

Modern CAE systems, like the EPLAN platform and software suite, have allowed the most laborious and time-consuming functions of engineering design to be performed automatically, instantaneously and accurately; reducing the amount of manual data entry and error-checking to be done by engineers at each stage of a project. Ultimately this allows businesses to reduce costs, shorten their time-to-market and enhance their green credentials.

EPLAN software promotes the message of green manufacturing, truly setting the software apart from CAD design packages. The scope of device data and components that can be accessed via EPLAN’s Data Portal is extensive, including data files of pre-drawn circuits, assembly drawings, function templates, international designations, preview images…

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