Don’t You Dare Call Me That!

Cultural Sancocho


You are walking down the streets in sunny Barranquilla, Colombia and you overhear a conversation between two girls that goes like this:

“Oye negra, tiempo sin verte.”

“Sí gorda, estabas perdida.”

“¿Qué has sabido de la flaca? Hace rato no hablo con ella.”

“Ni idea, pero espera un momento y llamo al mono para preguntarle.”

You stop to think about it and doubt your Spanish skills for a second, because it seems that a literal translation would sound something like this:

“Hey black girl, long time no see!”

“Yes fat one, you were MIA.”

“Have you heard from the skinny girl? I haven’t spoken to her in a while.”

“No idea, but hold on a second while I call the blonde guy and ask him.”

Pretty much unheard of, right? How would react to that? Do you think it’s racist? Judgmental? Superficial? Bullying?


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