Word of the Day: Consistent



consistent (adjective) – remaining the same over a period of time

(adjective) – agreeing to a way of thought or action


The trick of Coca-Cola is the ability of the product’s appearance and flavor to stay consistent over long periods of time.

The broken glass and upturned furniture are consistent with there having been a struggle.

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Idioms with Luck

Idioms are one of the hardest things to understand and learn in a non-native language, but they are also what help speakers sound more natural. Check out just a few of the English idioms that use the word luck.

Definition of luck: noun; having good fortune


Luck outto have had good fortune come upon someone unexpectedly

Example: Lena was late for her flight and almost missed it, but she lucked out when she found out it was delayed.

Similar idiom: in luck (Lena was in luck when she found out her flight was delayed.)


Down on one’s luckto have a lot of bad luck in a short period of time

Example: James lost his job, crashed his car, and broke up with his girlfriend in the same week. He was definitely down on his luck!

Similar idiom: tough luck (used…

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LISTEN: Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – For English as a Second Language

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Many students really want to improve their listening skills, and it’s really important if you need to take a language proficiency test. Randall has many listening lessons, with audioscripts and quizzes, to help you make sure you got the meaning. There are also lessons for improving vocabulary, specifically for listening.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab – For English as a Second Language.

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Reading Strategies: 6 Things Every ESL Student Must Know to Improve Reading

So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?

This was originally published at busyteacher.com

So you have ESL students who can read in English…great! But can they really read? Not just pick up a book and read it, but apply reading strategies to a text to obtain the information

via Reading Strategies: 6 Things Every ESL Student Must Know to Improve Reading.

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