Useful vocabulary

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Useful vocabulary

Adjectives ~ describe nouns

Stoic ~ showing no feelings in situations of pain and hardship
Loony ~ informal…crazy
Conscious ~ aware and responding to surroundings, knowledge
Bereft ~ sadness in a lonely way
Hideous ~ terrible, very unattractive
Sparse ~ thinly spread
Finite ~ an amount that will finish
Replete~ well supplied, a lot
Inherent ~ characteristic, permanent
Innate ~ natural, originating from the mind


Maypole ~ worth a google! British tradition that can still be seen today
Mayday~ a signal to show you are in trouble/ danger (origin radio)
Cenotaph~ a monument to remember people who have died (somewhere else)
Valour ~ bravery
Docks ~ used for ships to ‘park’ the verb is also dock
Collieries ~ place where coal is mined
Glass ceiling ~ an invisible level where people can not exceed. Such as; career & education, due to barriers from external people

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