Trabalenguas & Tonguetwisters

English Matsuri

Happy summer solstice to you all! Today is officially the longest day of the year for the northern hemisphere but it affects us in no way, so remember that, you superstitious neighbors out there!

This post deals with pronunciation in a fun way: TONGUETWISTERS! And tonguetwisters they are in hipsterish posters that you can use at ReciteThis -quite a recommended webiste. A tonguetwister is a sentence -at times a paragraph- that overuses one or two phonetic groups in order to make more difficult its articulation, sometimes at the cost of logic or coherence.

The first one we have above explores the sound /p/, which  in Englishis much stronger than it is in Spanish. In phonetics it is called a plosive sound since a part of the mouth blocks momentarily and completely the flow of air. Try to read it very slowly at first  and increase speed…

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