The sound of one bracelet jingling



A single bracelet does not jingle – Congolese proverb

Strictly (alphabetically) speaking this week should have been a review of a book from Comoros.  Unfortunately, the book I’ve chosen, Salim Hatubou’s Hamouro, hasn’t yet arrived. However, you’re in for a treat and a break from me (synonymous?), as the review below, from Congo (Democratic Republic of – as the list would have it), is written by a wonderful colleague and friend who is far better read, educated, lived, and evolved in every way than I am. And if that makes him sound a little too perfect, as his young niece once said to him, he really is also ‘very silly’.   So, over to Robert with thanks.

Sony Labou Tansi L’anté-peuple (Seuil, 1983)

‘A single bracelet does not jingle.’ The Congolese proverb could be taken as the equivalent of Donne’s ‘Never send to know for whom the bell tolls’, or…

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