Teaching Adjectives — lesson ideas

thoughts and songs

This year, one of the goals was to get my kindergarten and 1st grade students to use adjectives to describe familiar objects or characters.  In the fall, I tried being the crazy adjective lady.  I thought it was a fantastic idea, but it didn’t translate well to my 1st grade class… they just thought I was crazy.  Oh well.  At any rate, this Spring, I used this lesson that also incorporated our previous learning goals — identifying characters in a story and using an idea web to organize thoughts.

Hook/Open: I play “I’m thinking of …”  I start off with “a student” and see if they can guess who I’m thinking of. I keep adding details (adding adjectives) until they guess.  This gets us started on the importance of words that describe nouns.

I also introduce the Montessori Symbol for Adjectives.  Note: The students have already had nouns and…

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