Mental Disorders are Not Adjectives



We all use words like this; it’s not easy to avoid them. I’ll admit it, I commonly make comments about how I had to do something because I felt so o.c.d when I saw it. I clean everything and then go, “Seriously, I need to be less o.c.d. about everything. I get told that I look anorexic all the time. My parents tell me when I’m “acting anorexic again” (not that I’ve ever suffered from anorexia, I just have a very picky appetite).

This morning my sister showed me this picture though. She admitted that she does throw around ‘retarded’ a lot. But this picture got both of us thinking. We haven’t really discussed it but I’ve been thinking about it all day.

I suffer from depression; I really do. I have a big room and a big bed and a laptop and yet I can’t find happiness in any…

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