Gerunds in English

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What is a gerund ?
A gerund is often known as “ing” word. Technically, it is formed by adding “ing” after a verb after which it functions as a noun.  When used in a sentence, it follows a preposition, an adjective and most often another verb.  It is often used to talk about the actions which are real and are completed.

The gerunds are usually used as a subject, after any preposition, after few verbal expressions and as direct object. Following is the brief description about its usage.

Gerund as a subject:  It is used as a subject to express a general idea.


  • Paying attention in the class is very important.
  • Travelling alone might not be safer for you.
  • Smoking is injurious to health.
  • Hoping to meet you soon.

Gerund after verbal expressions: It is also used after certain verbal expressions like be/get used to, would mind, it’s no…

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