Echo of Pride

Pen Damashii

This is a story I submitted to the Blizzard 2011 Global Writing Contest. It was a finalist in said contest, which made me feel very pleased. Due to a bit of a kerfuffle I never wound up getting the prize (signed books) but seeing my name in blue posts is very satisfying. I hope the formatting survives.


Echo of Pride

Martin A. P. Wilson


Jaina Proudmoore frowned.

The audience chamber was well appointed; tasteful gold decorations overlaying the hardwood fixtures, and the heavy white stone slabs that her masons loved so much. It wasn’t anything compared to the high towers of Dalaran or the palatial rooms of Stormwind Keep, but it was respectable, and the best Theramore could do considering their limited means.

And yet something troubled the young ruler.

The chairs.

She stared at the chair appointed to her visitor. It was a simple wooden affair, identical…

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