Concise Writing through Careful Adjectives

Sentence Stalking

I imagine that writing for print magazines and newspapers is a tricky task given the word limits that many of the writers in these media operate under. To adequately convey important ideas in just a few hundred words requires some deft linguistic and syntactic skill.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. In a recent column for Wired magazine, Brendan I. Koerner (known as Mr. Know-It-All in the magazine and online and a regular contributor to Wired), answered a question about the true nature of those Kindle books we “buy” from Amazon. I love this sentence from his answer for how it conveys a lot in a few words:

Amazon’s terms of service clearly state that, unlike those bulky slabs of arboreal matter that imparted knowledge to generations past, Kindle books can never be owned in the traditional sense.

I was drawn first to his use of…

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