Direct and Indirect Speeches Tense Change

Offbeat English







Present Simple

“It´s cold.”


Present Continuous

“I’m leaning German online.”


Present Perfect Simple

“I’ve been to London once.”


Present Perfect Continuous

“I’ve been living here for about eight years.”


Past Simple

“I went to the movies yesterday.


Past Simple

It was cold.


Past Continuous

She was learning German online.


Past Perfect Simple

She’d been to London once.


Past Perfect Continuous

She‘d been living there for about eight years.


Past Perfect Simple

She’d gone to the movies earlier.



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  1. Hi Paul, To Be or Not To Be Momma here. Just taking a look around. I’m sure you’ve been of great help to a lot of readers (and those wanting to write). You might want to add a letter: “I’m leaning German online.”
    I just finished the series on the writing process. The last one or two posts might interest you. The last post takes a brief look at skillful speaking, too. Wishing you continued growth and success. H Wfr

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