You’re in America, Speak English

The Victorian Ankle

Often, in the United States of America, english speaking citizens become frustrated when immigrants without british heritage do not learn english. Despite the fact that the U.S.A. has no national language, many assume it to be english. However, many english speaking Americans struggle with their own language when it comes to politics.

Especially in the media, terms are thrown around like medieval spears, landing as insults, and the general populous never questions what politicians and news anchors are stating. Therefore, I suggest we all learn our language better. We are in America after all.

Below is a list of popularly used words as insults. I’ve given you brief descriptions of the main political tenets of the groups, without favoring a particular movement. So, learn english!

Anarchy– no private property, collectivism, highly democratic, no leaders, nonexistent state control, mutual aid to benefit the whole society, opposes the use of force…

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