Log and In: A Love Story (Part II)

Ain't Never

When should you write “log in” as two words, and when should you write it as “login”? Here’s a story to help you easily remember. In Part I, we focused on the two-word (verb) formation.InPart II, we focus on the one-word (noun/adjective) formation.

Log and In, a verb and preposition happily united as the phrasal verb couple Log In, had been contemplating growing their family into a more meaningful unit (see Part I). Nine months later, Log and In (also known as non-hyphenated Mr. and Mrs. Log In) gave birth to a squealing, happy, healthy baby girl. Since the baby was a true one-piece product of their love (and yes, they were a bit narcissistic), they decided to name her Login. “It’s a noun!” Log proclaimed, tossing cigars to his friends. They celebrated this beautiful and nominal, yet ever-so-substantial new existence, exclaiming, “Here’s the login!”…

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