Doesn’t The English Language Have Too Many Consonants?

Ron's Wisdom Salon

Dear Ron,

Don’t you think that the English langwige has too many consonants? I am a poor speler and I am sick and tired of misspeling words and looking like a foool to my new wyf and childrin. For examplil. It is not necesaree, in my vyu, to have dubel consonants. Consider: lock, dick, prick, wick. We could do away with one of the consonants in each of these words and they cood   be a lot easier to spell. Yes, there ar rules, but I hav found there are so many exceptions that learning the rules is almost cownterproductiv. Help me to understand, if you wood, why English words ar such a pane to spel.


Dear Dik,

You are right. English is a pain to spell correctly. There are lots of reasons for this, which I will not get into just now out of fear of boring most of…

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