Thirsty Thursday

A Little Town in Germany

Admittedly, every day in Bavaria is “Thirsty Somethingday,” but this Thursday was special. Something of a public, all-ages variety show/town fair appeared in the park that afternoon. Around five o’clock, a lederhosen-clad band set up on one of the paths near the Bajuwarenhaus. From the window of my flat, I could see a few groups of townspeople beginning to sprawl on the grass. In the following hour, I was far too distracted by a laundry-folding frenzy to observe the progress, so when I finally made my way to the park with some of my new relatives, I was more than slightly shocked at the sudden appearance of a giant, portable biergarten populated by at least a thousand fair-goers.

Now, when I say this was akin to a variety show, I mean that we have nothing very similar to this event in the states, so there is really no good word…

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