Phrasal Verbs: Terrifying or Terrific?

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Phrasal verbs scare many English learners, but they are a really important part of mastering the vocabulary and grammar of the language. In this post, you will find some useful resources to help you learn and practise them.

Getting to know your multi-word verbs:

A phrasal verb, or multi-word verb, is formed by a verb + an adverb or preposition (or both!). The adverb or preposition is called a particle. Each one can have several meanings and some of these meanings are not immediately clear.  Let’s look at an example:

to turn down

A. I turned down the volume when the neighbours complained.  (reduced)

B. She had to turn down the job offer because the schedule didn’t suit her. (refuse)

C. When it’s not raining, I usually turn down the collar of my jacket. (fold)

In each case, the phrasal verb turn down

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