How to Become an English Teacher in Italy

Italy Project

TEFLTagxedoI’m writing this post after the countless messages I’ve received asking for advice on becoming a TEFL teacher in Italy. So for all you I-want-to-be-an-English-teacher-in-italy dreamers out there, this post is for you!

Like many youngsters from my generation, the first step of my journey started on Google. After a few hours of research (and head banging) I decided to put in an application for a TEFL program in Florence, Italy. I applied through a company called Language Corps, an organization that helps aspiring teachers find the correct TEFL program and arrange their move abroad. Although it wasn’t necessary to go through Language Corps, in the end they were extremely helpful and made my transition fairly easy.

After that, it was matter of gathering all the correct documents (visas, insurance, etc) and booking my flight. For more information about the documents you need, please check out my previous post “So you…

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  1. I took the Via Lingua course in Florence in the summer of 2013 and didn’t have a good experience. While the TEFL course itself was fine (challenging actually), any notion of job support or their statistics are totally misleading!

    Website:”Via Lingua Florence offers you lifetime job-finding support, which means that our team is at your service before, during, and after the course to make sure you find a teaching position. Experience shows that participants who put the effort into preparing a strong resume/CV find teaching positions within 0 – 30 days after completing the certification program.”

    -I did not find a job within 0-30 days. In fact, I did not find a job at all in Italy and this is after almost 8 months of activity. While there is no direct job guarantee, it is an extremely misleading statement. There were 18 people in my program total. 2 of them found jobs right after the program (one of these jobs was in Korea… so not even Italy). The rest of us applied, applied, applied all over the place in Italy, and to no avail, either decided to do some traveling or go back home to the USA. That’s 2/18. Yep.

    Website:”Through our international network of schools and contacts, we can help you find a job anywhere in the world. 85% of the people who took the course with us in 2012 had already found a job in their chosen location before the end of the course.”This once again is pure fiction and extremely misleading advertising. I would go as far as to call it a lie. I only know of two students in my program who got a job after receiving their TEFL degree.

    Via Lingua claims that they offer job support and contacts. In the school, they do have a binder full of job postings and “contacts.” But guess where these contacts come from? They are print outs of job postings from No joke. The program coordinator only had two special contacts (one in Rome and Milan) and they weren’t hiring at the time. The school provides you with a list of language schools in Italy but this is information that is copied from the website ESL Base.

    Furthermore, I contacted every single Via Lingua affiliated school in their network where they offer TEFL courses to take advantage of this so called “lifetime support” and barely received any support at all. All the schools did was provide a list of language schools in the country which was also copied from ESL Base. They didn’t provide any informative information about the job market, what schools are looking for, CV/Cover Letter help, and certainly didn’t advertise any jobs at their corresponding language schools if there was one. So much for lifetime support from the Via Lingua Network.

    Via Lingua will say whatever they can to get you to sign up for the TEFL course. They will mislead, even lie to you, when you email/call them about the job market and support after the course. They will give you a bunch of made up facts on their website. Don’t fall for it guys.

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