Stop! I want to get off…

Hi everyone!

sorry I haven’t written for a bit but I got bogged down by heaps of students’ papers – you know how it is!

Anyway, things are not looking so bad this side of the pond (if you can believe that!). I even got to see Her Majesty the Queen and HRH Prince Phillip this week, when they visited Britain’s oldest manufacturer: The Bell Foundry, Whitechapel, London.

It just goes to show that some companies can more than stand the test of time – they’ve been going since the 1500’s.

Back to business:- Bank workers have been told to wear casual clothes for Thursday’s G20 summit, otherwise they may be targeted by demonstrators on the look-out for City workers.

More recently Sir Fred Goodwin’s property was damaged by protesters in Edinburgh, Scotland after he refused to give up his RBS pension of some £700,000.

It’s likely to be the start of worse vandalism to come in light of bankers’ recent failings.

British police forces have launched a £7.2m covert operation with a view to minimising any major disruptions which are likely to kick off during the G20 summit. Even the British Chancellor, Alistair Darling is fearful that any anti-bank sentiment may seriously undermine attempts by the banks to regain public confidence in the industry.

Failure by the British government to achieve another fiscal stimulus has come as something of an embarrassment to Prime Minister, Gordon Brown who was criticised in New York for pushing the United Kingdom’s current budget deficit to unprecedented heights. It’s now widely thought that Brown & company will not be in a position to raise enough funds from the markets to stabilise the UK economy… It’s going to get worse!

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