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Hi everybody,

Affiliate programs are marketing tools used by vendor sites such
as Basically, you need to sign-up for the program
and they will give you an affiliate ID number. You will receive
instructions on how to create links to their website from your
own website or written article. You can even create links to
specific products on their website. When a person clicks on the
link you made, the vendor site takes note of the reference
number and your ID number. If the customer buys from the vendor,
you are given a commission. In short, you promote their website
and products. Once you have it set up, you just wait for the
money to come in. Also, affiliates get discounts and bonuses
based in the quantity of traffic that they are able to direct to
the vendor site.

Autoresponders are the answering machines of the internet. Say,
you have a number of products on the internet up for sale. These
products are technologically challenging to most people so you
will need to provide detailed information on how to operate and
maintain the devices. If you do this on your website, chances
are you will have a design problem since this will require large
amounts of space on the webpage. With autoresponders, you can
place a link for all the nitty-gritty stuff and a pre-composed
email message will be sent to the one who requested it. You can
place a form where they can write down their email address and
place the link below it. You will need to do the
pre-composing of those automatic replies too.

Autoresponders can be used in many ways. Aside from answering
queries for detailed information requests, autoresponders can
also be used as correspondence trackers. Different websites
offer autoresponders with different functions. Some of these
sites offer autoresponder services for free.

If you happen to have an existing website, you can correspond
with another website to have your banner placed on their site.
In exchange, you will need to accommodate their banner on your
site. The same is true for links. You can place a link to
another site while the webmaster of that site can place a link
to your site. If you don’t have a banner, you can search for
free or paid banner maker utilities in the web.

Internet classified adds are an available option for promoting
your website. Some classified ads websites give away their
services for free.

If you want to become a big vendor site, the way to go about it
is through e-commerce. This entails setting up shopping carts
for your customers so they can note down their orders. You will
also need to analyze your payment system. Of course, you will
need to accept payments from major credit cards but you can
allow or deny payments made by check, paypal or money order.

Electronic magazine or E-zines are newsletters that get sent
regularly to a list of e-mail recipients. These recipients are
subscribed to the E-zine so spamming is not an issue. You need
to have an article about your product handy and several links
embedded within it just in case the subscriber decides he wants
your pocket knife.

With mailing lists, you send out a bunch of emails to a target
audience. This is where spam usually comes from. One form of
mailing list let’s the consumer decide whether he/she wants to
be in your mailing list. This is called the opt-in mailing list.
I like this list.

There are still a number of money making ideas and utilities
that have not been covered here. To tell you frankly, there are
just too many of them to mention. Why not browse around and take
a look for yourself. Researching and reading material can be a
tedious a process, but the knowledge that you gain it from it
might be just what you need to set-up or improve your own
internet business.

To your success,
Paul Rafferty

P.S. While there are many money makers out there, beware of
those that claim to be able to teach you how to earn yourself
thousands in a single week. For one thing, they charge you for
it before you can even try.

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