Tight Squeeze

Fasten your seatbelts – consumer spending is getting tighter by the hour. High interest rates and the cost of a pint and a packet ciggies is detering Joe Public from stretching the purse strings just that little bit more – well, let’s face it, what you haven’t got you can’t spend.
Woolworths are expected to slash dividends – could it get any worse for WLW, probably not. Payment last year 1.8p – this year’s expected payment only 1p.
Other losers in line for big reductions are DSG International. Expected half dividend total in June … 4p. We rekon that DSG is on a target price of 53p which compared to the current price of 67.5 is set to drop by 21%. According to our Italian sources, the group’s losses are expected to rise to £30,000,000.
Another retailer struggling to make ends meet is PC World.
But it’s not all doom and gloom, on the up and up with a sustainable dividend yielding 5.7% are HMV. Carpetright (CPR) is doing even better at 6.6%

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