What’s up, What’s down?

They say the ceiling is definitely up – but as ceilings go, they have to stop and not always at the top. Take for example Vodaphone, their shares fell almost 4 per cent after claims that regulators were preparing to take action that would cut European core earnings – Anyone hear alarm bells ringing? And after allegations of misconduct involving contracts, the United States has banned IBM from taking on any new Federal Government business – Ouch! Anyone connected with IBM is invited to leave a message – what really happened with that contract?
In a deal worth £142,000,000 Close Brothers Private Equity has purchased Energy Cranes; they provide the offshore gas and oil industry with cranes and mechanical services – shares should be set to rise here.
When I left school, I wanted to be a radio DJ and everyone laughed – they didn’t laugh at Chris Evans though, did they? Incidentally, I met Chris in London a couple of months’ back… yawn!!! Hey Chris, how did you make so much dough?
What’s the connection I hear you ask – well, if shareholders agree then the UK’s largest listed commercial radio company, GCap Media plan to go private – yesterday’s recommendation a formal offer of 225p per share from Global Radio – If it’s agreed then shares can be expected to rise – Let’s wait and see.
Who had a Scalextric racing set when they were kids – yeah, me too. I just learnt that shares in Hornby are tumbling – closed at just over 187p – time to sell people. I’d like to hear from someone connected with Hornby so that we can get a clear picture as to what the problem is.

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